New FOOD Preservatives Proficiency Testing Schemes

Additives in several matrices:

– Hard Cheese
– Shrimps
– Vegetables


In 2022 we propose PTs for food preservatives, thought to constantly improve our offer towards our customers.

Round of October
Shipping date: October 17th – Deadline for orders: September 9th

  • Nitrates in spinach (code VF2711)
  • Nitrites & Nitrates in milk (code MI2712)
  • Sulphites in shrimps (code SF2713)
  • Natamycin in cheese (code CH2313)

Are you looking for a PT for nitrates and nitrates in meat? It is shceduled in 2023.


  • For these PTs convenience doubles: evaluation of 2 technicians at the price of one subscription!
  • Test Veritas has more than 20 years of experience as proficiency testing provider and it’s always at the forefront to propose interesting news, in order to meet the market’s needs. These PTs have been planned after several listened requests of our customers: we do what’s possible to keep innovating!

Please, go to this page to download the entire programme. If your want to see more details of a specific PT, such as the list of researched molecules, prices… go to this page to download the entire programme .

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