Discover our convenience for customers and for environment

Discover our convenience for customers and for environment

Green soul


We choose to manage our activities with a very green approach since time 0.

For example, our production is firmly based on a circular economy scheme. In fact, as our Test Material are mainly incurred, we use raw material that for the industry would be a waste. With our long experience, we give new life to contaminated food material, transforming them in Test Materials for checking your laboratory performances. Instead of being wasted, the contaminated Materials become perfect materials to be analysed by laboratories, combining the quality of your laboratory with the quality of a green economy.

We also have on eye on how to optimize our shipment emissions. In fact, our programme of proficiency testing Progetto Trieste is organized in “round”. All Test Materials belonging to the same round are shipped in the same day. In this way, a customer that purchased more than one participation may receive all Test Materials in only one shipment (instead of more), saving packages and shipments travelling all around the world.


Convenience comes first


Our prices are already convenient, but we always have proposal in order to allow you to save money:

  • Often 2 matrices with only 1 subscription!

E.g. Subscribing to GC+C1503 you will receive 2 Test Materials, one made of coffee and one made of cocoa naturally contaminated with Ochratoxin A.

  • Often 2 Test Materials with 1 subscription!

E.g. MI1600, for aflatoxin M1 in milk: subscribing to this PT you will receive 2 different Test Material. The 2 Test Material have different concentrations and one of the 2 could be blank. In this way, you are completely assessing your performance also for false positive! Moreover, you have the possibility to check the performances of your method at different levels of concentration.

  • Convenience Packages!

Some proficiency testing are thought to be highly convenient if bought together. E.g. VF1700/P (pesticides in lettuce) + VF1705 (metals in lettuce) + VF1710 (Nitrates in spinach): if you subscribe to all 3 codes together, the cost of the participation is only 400,00 euro (instead of 220,00 x 3 = 660,00 euro, cost of the separated participations). So, with only 440,00 euro, you could be assessed for pesticides, metals and additives in vegetables!

  • Multicontaminated Test Materials

E.g. MA1500A: proficiency testing for the research of Aflatoxins B&G, Fumonisins and Ochratoxin A. With the subscription to this code, you will receive our naturally contaminated test material and you will be assessed for Aflatoxins B&G, Fumonisins and Ochratoxin A at the price of only 420,00 euro for confirmatory method or 370,00 euro for screening methods. The participation to the full code is much more convenient than the partial participation for the single parameter (e.g. MA1500/Y for only aflatoxins B&G: 260,00 euro for confirmatory methods or 190,00 euro for screening methods), but you can also combine as you prefer the partial participations with a great convenience too (e.g. MA1500/FO: for only fumonisins and ochratoxin A at only 330,00 euro for confirmatory methods or 250,00 euro for screening methods).

  • Shipping costs for the whole round

The shipping cost is comprehensive of the shipment of all Test Materials included in the same round. So, if for example you subscribe to 1 code for round of June or if you subscribe to 2 or more codes for the same round, the shipping costs remain the same. More PTs you choose in the same round, more is the convenience of the shipping costs!

  • Often 2 evaluation with only 1 subscription!

For pesticides, metals and additives proficiency testing, the convenience doubles up! In fact, with one subscription you can submit 2 answer forms for the same Test Material. In this way, at the price of a single subscription, you can evaluate 2 technicians or 2 methods!


At the side of customer’s needs


Test Veritas s.r.l. is well known among its customers, for the availablitiy to satisfy everyone’s necessity. In fact, one of our advantages is the ability to adapt our offer to the customer’s needs.

For example, we reserve a special attention to customers from developing Countries: since several years it has been consolidated our collaboration with international organizations in order to guarantee the access to Quality Control also to laboratories in economic hardship.

Customers’ queries always have our full attention, so for example we manage the orders and the payments for public institution adapting to their need.

If your laboratory has a particular request, just ask, we are at your disposal!