Progetto Trieste Customer Satisfaction Enquiry 2018 results

With the aim of a continuous improvement of the Quality Management System of our company, at the beginning of this year we interview some of our Progetto Trieste Customers, regarding Customer Satisfaction Survey and suggestions for improvement.

There were not an specific target for the survey, so we interviewed  new  and  consolidated participants from any country that participated in Progetto Trieste scheme during 2017.

Through the elaboration of the answers, the overall satisfaction is good: 100% of the participants we surveyed, are satisfied.

Most of the participants received the expected service.

We received some suggestions concerning the improvement of Progetto Trieste. We really appreciated them. We will take in consideration all the suggestions and proposals and we will evaluate their implementation.

We are really pleased to have received suggestions from our participants because through them we are able to follow our aim of continuous improvement and achieve our scope to give the best service to our customers.