Office closure

Our office will be closed on November 1st and 3rd. You will find us on November 2nd and from November 4rd.

Convenience packages for PTs on Freshness Parameters in food

Progetto Trieste – Proficiency Testing Scheme for Freshness parameters in food during 2022 are planned in: Round of SeptemberShipment: September 19th – Subscription deadline: July 29th One of the greatest advantages is thevery convenient price, thought to allow subscriptions to groups of PT at special prices. In particular: Histamine (2 levels: High Level + Low … Continue reading Convenience packages for PTs on Freshness Parameters in food

6 NEW PTs for Veterinary Drug Residues

More than 50 PTs for Veterinary Drug Residues in food with new proposals each year!

27 Countries participated in our Vet Drug Residues PTs in Honey

An international PT Scheme for honey with more than 50 participants. More than 20 years of experience as PT provider for Veterinary Drug Residues.

New FOOD Preservatives Proficiency Testing Schemes

Additives in several matrices: milk, hard cheese, shrimps, vegetables, meat products

All mycotoxins present in one PT

CORN naturally contaminated with

Aflatoxin B1, B2, G1, G2
Fumonisins B1, B2
Ochratoxin A

New Proficiency Testing Scheme for HARD CHEESE

We follow your requests and interests, we propose you PTs for natamycin and aflatoxin M1 in HARD cheese!

PT for pesticides, metals, additives in milk and much more….

In milk, Progetto Trieste Proficiency Testing schemes (PTs) aim to provide interesting PTs for a better assessment of your Quality Controls.