27 Countries participated in our Vet Drug Residues PTs in Honey

52 participants from 27 Countries:

Tylosin, Streptomycin, Tetracyclines,
CAP, Sulphonamides
and others…


Round of November
Shipping date: November 21st – Deadline for orders: October 7th

  • PTS for the research of Sulphonamides & Chloramphenicol (code H2402), also available as partial participation (if you are interested only in Sulphonamides or only in Chloramphenicol).
  • PTS for the research of Quinolones/Fluoroquinolones & Nitroimidazoles (code H2403), also available as partial participation (If you are interested only in Quinolones/Fluoroquinolones or only in Nitroimidazoles).
  • PTS for the research of Tylosin (code H2404)
  • PTS for the research of Streptomycin & Tetracyclines (code H2410), also available as partial participation (If you are interested only in Streptomycin or only in Tetracyclines).

Are you interested in a PT for metabolites of nitrofurans? It is scheduled in 2023.


  • International PTs with many participants: in 2020, for PTs for Veterinary Drug Residues in honey there were 52 participants from 27 Countries from all the continents.

  • Progetto Trieste is EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 accredited proficiency testing scheme is and Test Veritas has more than 20 years of experience as proficiency testing provider.

  • Separate evaluation data for screening and confirmatory methods, with the assigned value deriving only from quantitative confirmatory results.

  • Even if you are evaluating a screening method, the PT simulates what you would do in your routine (comparing your results with the confirmatory ones).

  • This feature of our PTs respects the requirement of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 to use fit-for-purpose methods of evaluation, makes the assigned value more reliable and the assessment more valid.

  • Almost every participation provides 2 different Test Materials for each participation.  During the PT, as in the routine, the laboratory shouldn’t know if he is testing a contaminated Test Material or a blank Test Material. Providing 2 different Test Materials, one could be blank (or not), so the laboratory is fully assessed also for False Positive results. Moreover, receiving 2 Test Materials allows to evaluate how the method performs at different levels of concentration.


Round of October
Shipping date: October 17th – Deadline for orders: September 9th

  • PTS for the research of Glyphosate and other pesticides (code H2703), presence of 4 molecules guaranteed, including glyphosate.
  • PTS for the research of Lead & Cadmium (code H2709), with both molecules’ presence guaranteed.


For these PTs convenience doubles: evaluation of 2 technicians at the price of one subscription!

INTERESTING MOLECULES will be present, chosen among the interests showed by our customers.

If your want to see more details of a specific PT, such as the list of researched molecules, prices… go to this page to download the entire programme .

For any further information contact us at info@testveritas.com.

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