NEWS 2022: New PT for Natamycin in hard cheese

This year we want to offer you a completely new Proficiency Test born thanks to your precious help. During the year we collaborate with the participants of Progetto Trieste by collecting their comments, suggestions and requests in order to offer the best possible service at our customers.

From the surveys’ results carried out in 2021, a concrete interest emerged regarding a new PT for Natamycin in hard cheese and consequently we decided to develop it to meet the needs of the market.

The PT “Natamycin in hard cheese – CE2313” is included in:

Round of September
Shipping date: September 19th – Deadline for Orders: July 29th

  • One of our major advantages is the extremely convenient price: two laboratory technicians are evaluated at the price of one subscription!+
  • “Fit For Purpose” matrix: natamycin is purely indicated for the treatment of cheeses, its use derives from problems that occur mainly during the ripening phase, when molds develop on the surface of the cheese. In routine analyses, a greater positivity to natamycin is found in aged cheeses and for this reason a matrix was chosen so as to reflect the needs of the laboratories.
  • Test Veritas has more than 20 years of experience as Proficiency Test provider and is committed to always being at the frontline when new market needs emerged.
  • This PT has been developed in order to satisfy numerous requests from our customers: we make everything possible to keep innovating!

Help us to improve!

Help us to improve!

We are always to new ideas and suggestions. Our programme is flexible and one of our most important advantages is the versatility, for this reason we want to ask you to compile a very short survey (1 minute) about “Matrices of interest for natamycin”. This will help us to value all the possibility and, if it’s possible, we will implement in our programme the new suggestions or the new ideas, thus continuing to ensure the best possible service.

We want to guarantee our quality and convenience and for this motive in case one of the matrices indicated by you should become part of our future programme, we will be happy to apply you a discount on the corresponding PT!

If you want to see more details about this or other PTs, such as the list of researched molecules, schedule, prices… go to this page to download the entire programme.

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