PT for the research of Thyrostats in Bovine urine

Thyrostats are orally active substances used in medicine and in veterinary medicine to regulate the synthesis of T3 and T4 hormones by the thyroid gland. They can be illecitly administered to livestock for fattering, in fact both of these hormones are involved in metabolism regulation. The use of thyrostats in breeding causes relatively animal body weight gain due to an important retention water in edible tissue and in the gastroenteric tract.

Their fraudulent utilisation is severely prohibited by the European Union since 1981, which requires a precise monitoring. Ideally, therefore, in the tissues of farm animals there should be no traces of the residues of thyrostatic drugs. In 2007, European Union of Reference Laboratories in the CRL Guidance paper proposed a recommended concentration of 10 ng/mL-1 in urine.

This is why we chose to implement in 2021 a new Proficiency Test for the research of “Thyrostats in Bovine urine” and due to the success of the last year, we are glad to propose it again this year.
Starting from 2021, there are already more than 30 laboratories, from all over the world, that have decided to participate and try this new Proficiency Test.

In 2022 the PT for the research of “Thyrostats in Bovine urine – code U2205” belongs to the:

Round of May
Shipping Date: May 16th

  • Test Material is provided as a lyophilized, in order to guarantee a high stability of the sample. In this way, regardless of the provenience of the laboratory, every participant can be sure to receive the exact same Test Material as the others. Furthermore, the consensus of participants is more reliable.
  • The assegned value deriving only from quantitative confirmatory methods results.
  • This PT has been developed in order to satisfy numerous requests from our customers: we make everything possible to keep innovating!
  • Test Veritas has more than 20 years of experience as Proficiency Test provider and is committed to always being at the frontline when new marked needs emerged.

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