Proficiency Test for Amoxicillin in medicated feed

The new Regulation (EU) n. 2019/4 relating to medicated feed, which became applicable this year, has led to a modification of the entire control system concerning the food and feed chain.


Starting from January 28, 2022, the new EU Regulation 2019/4on the manufacture, placing on the market and use of medicated feed (entered into force on January 28, 2019) became applicable.

The purpose is to regulate and standardize the manufacture, placing on the market and use of medicated feed at a European level. All this to ensure a high level of protection of human and animal health.

Animal production, in fact, occupies an extremely important place in the agriculture of the European Union and the regulations concerning medicated feed have a significant influence on the keeping and breeding of animals.

Medicated feed is one of the possible routes of oral administration of veterinary drugs and this Regulation stipulates that they should only be manufactured from veterinary drugs which have already received authorization.

The legislation also addresses cross-contamination that can occur during the manufacture, processing, storage or transport of these products. In order to protect animal and human health and the environment, maximum cross-contamination values should be established for active substances in non-target feed, based on a scientific risk assessment.

Resistance to antimicrobials

Taking into account the serious risk to public health represented by resistance to antimicrobials, it was considered appropriate to limit the use of medicated feed containing antimicrobials (such as Amoxicillin). Prophylaxis or the use of medicated feeds aimed at improving the performance of animals are not allowed. There is also a ban on the use of antibiotics as growth promoters.

Quality Control

A quality control plan is prepared and implemented which provides for the control of the critical points of the manufacturing process, sampling procedures and frequencies, methods of analysis and their frequency. Regular specific internal checks as well as stability tests ensure compliance with the homogeneity criteria.

Test Veritas does its part

To meet the ever growing market demand for a Proficiency Test for the research of antimicrobials in feed, this year we want to offer you something new:

PT for the research of Amoxicillin in medicated feed (F2411)
Round of November

  • Deadline for online orders: October 7th 2022
  • Shipping Date: November 21st 2022
  • 120g x 1 Test Material.
  • Indicative concentrations: approximately between 700-1500ppm.
  • The assigned value derives only from quantitative confirmatory results, screening results are assessed by dedicated criteria.
  • The price is only 330,00€ for confirmatory methods (chromatographic method), or 290,00€ for screening method participation (i.e. ELISA, lateral flow…).

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