Get a special discount for a 3-Minute survey on PT for Red Dyes

Have you already taken our “Red Dyes” survey?

No? What are you waiting for! Secure a special discount today by answering our questionnaire!

Test Veritas is always open to new ideas and suggestions. Our programme is flexible and one of our biggest advantages is versatility. That is why we are asking you to fill out a short survey (3 minutes) on the new “PT for Red Dyes” that has been introduced to our catalogue for the first time this year.

This will allow us to evaluate all future possibilities and if possible we will implement new suggestions or ideas, thus continuing to ensure the best possible service. Our goal has always been to offer PTs adapted to our customers’ needs.

We want to guarantee our quality and convenience, and to thank you for your time, you will receive a special discount at the end of the survey!

If you want to see more details about this or other PTs, such as the schedule, prices… go to this page to download the entire programme.

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