Our nitrofuran metabolites PTs: a reflection of EU Commission Regulation requirements

Nitrofurans and their metabolites are antimicrobial agents which are prohibited for use in food of animal origin in the European Union, so for them, instead a maximum residue limit, the Commision established RPA (‘reference points for action’). The RPA for nitrofurans and their metabolites in food has been recently modified by The COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2023/411 of 23 February 2023 (see the table below):

It can be noted that 5 nitrofuran metabolites have to be analyzed to comply with European legislation: AMOZ, AOZ, AHD, SEM and DNSH.

To allow a deeply check on nitrofuran metabolites’ analytical performances, Test Veritas decided to enhance these PTs:

More molecules under study have been implemented: For all PTs for nitrofuran metabolites, DNSH has been added to the list of molecules, so that all the molecules required by the European Commision regulation (AMOZ, AOZ, AHD, SEM and DNSH) are in the list of molecules under study.

Presence of ALL molecules under study guaranteed: For 2 of the PTs that we propose for nitrofuran metabolites during 2024, all molecules under study (AMOZ, AOZ, AHD, SEM and DNSH) will be present. This proposal is for the PTs for the research of nitrofuran metabolites in gut (M4411) and in honey (H4505).

Tailor-made PTs: Following the requests of some of our customers, we decided to add to our proposals a new PT for the research of nitrofuran metabolites in gut. Moreover, we adapted the features of the already existing PTs to the requests of the market.

Interesting matrices: For 2024 Test Veritas will propose PTs for nitrofuran metabolites in different matrices:

  • Gut, natural casing (M4411): in 2023 there were RASFF notifications for the presence of SEM in salted sheep intestines and in salted pigs casing from China. Moreover, the request of this PT came from our customers. Test Veritas has been ready to accept the requests from the market and develop a NEW PT.
  • Honey (H4505): in 2022 there were RASFF notifications for the presence of AOZ in feed for bees. Also in this case, we choose to propose again this PT because of the requests of our customers.
  • Swine muscle (M4104): Test Veritas proposes this PT every year since 2019 with the first proposal in 2016. This PT always welcomes many customers from all over the world.

Moreover in 2025 we will also propose PTs for nitrofuran metabolites in swine muscle, shrimps and eggs, where the presence of DNSH will be guaranteed in shrimps and muscle


Round of March 2024

  • Deadline for online orders: January 31st 2024
  • Shipping date: March 11th 2024
  • 20g x 2 Test Materials or 10g x 2 Test Materials
  • Molecules under study: AMOZ, AOZ, AHD, SEM and DNSH

Round of September 2024

  • Deadline for online orders: July 26th 2024
  • Shipping date: September 16th 2024
  • 20g x 1 Test Material or 10g x 1 Test Material
  • Molecules under study: AMOZ, AOZ, AHD, SEM and DNSH – ALL MOLECULES WILL BE PRESENT!

Round of November 2024

  • Deadline for online orders: : September 30th 2024
  • Shipping date: November 18th 2024
  • 30g x 1 Test Material or 10g x 1 Test Material
  • Molecules under study: AMOZ, AOZ, AHD, SEM and DNSH – ALL MOLECULES WILL BE PRESENT!


  • Separate evaluation data for screening and confirmatory methods, with the assigned value deriving only from quantitative confirmatory results. This feature of our PTs respects the requirement of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 to use fit-for-purpose methods of evaluation, makes the assigned value more reliable and the assessment more valid. Even if you are using a screening method, the PT simulates what you would do in the routine (comparing your results with confirmatory ones). The semi-quantitative (< or >) and qualitative screening results receive evaluations provided with dedicated criteria. The quantitative screening and confirmatory results are evaluated through z-score.
  • More reliable assigned value due to more stability of Test Materials. Most of them are provided as lyophilized (to be tested after reconstitution). In this way, regardless of the provenience of the laboratory, every participant can be sure to receive the Test Material in the same conditions. Once reconstituted it is the same as in your routine!
  • Possibility to submit 2 sets of results and evaluate them in the Final Report, thus, with one subscription, 2 laboratory technicians, or 2 different methodologies.
  • Where the participation provides 2 different Test Materials they can be both contaminated or one of them could be blank. In the PT, as in the routine, the laboratory technicians do not know if they are testing a contaminated or a blank material. In this way, the laboratory could be assessed also for False Positive results or for method performances at different levels of concentrations.
  • Information about False Positives is provided in the Final Report.

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