A new 2024 PT for the control of Chlorates and Perchlorates in infant milk

In 2020, new limits were set for the presence of chlorates and perchlorates in different types of food (COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2020/749 and COMMISSION REGULATION (EU) 2020/685)
As previously highlighted by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), chlorates and perchlorates can both have an adverse effect on human health, in particular, they can reduce iodine uptake by the thyroid gland, causing reduced production of thyroid hormones and hypothyroidism.

The presence of chlorate (ClO3-) in food may result from the use of water treated with chlorine or from the use of disinfectants containing chlorine. The risk of contamination affects all foods that are frequently washed (such as fruit and vegetables) but also foods such as milk and its derivatives, fish and meat. In fact, chlorate enters raw milk as a disinfectant by-product, through contact of milk with chlorinated water or as a residue of cleaning chemicals on equipment surfaces.

Although an MRL for chlorate in foodstuffs has been set in the European Union (0,10 mg/kg in the specific case of milk) and the use of chlorate as a pesticide is banned, the treatment of water with chlorine and chlorine-based disinfectants is still permitted for use on farms and in fed plants.

As for perchlorate (ClO4-), this is a contaminant released into the environment by both natural processes and human action. Possible sources of contamination in food can be irrigation water, soil and fertiliser use. The MRL for perchlorate in baby food has been set at 0,02mg/kg.

The catalogue of PTs offered by TestVeritas is constantly evolving

From next year, following our customers requests, we have decided to introduce a new line of proficiency tests called “Disinfectant by Products“. In 2024, the following PT will be offered for the first time:

PT for the research of Chlorate and Perchlorate
in baby powdered milk (code MI4806)
Round of October 2024

  • Deadline for online orders: August 31st 2024
  • Shipping date: October 21st 2024
  • Test Material: baby powdered milk, 60g x 1 Test Material, spiked
  • Analytes under study: sodium chlorate and potassium perchlorate
  • Indicative concentration: < 200ppb


With us the convenience doubles! For all PTs belong to Progetto Trieste you can submit 2 sets of results: with a single submission you will receive the evaluation of 2 laboratory technicians or 2 analytical methods directly in the Final Report.

Take the chance to participate to this new PT line, if you place your order within January 31st 2024 you will have a special discount of 30% on the list price. You will pay only 210,00 euro instead of 304,00 euro!

SAVE ON SHIPPING COSTS IN OCTOBER! The PTs for Progetto Trieste – Disinfectant by products (pages 17-19 of our programme) are scheduled in the round of October 2024. In the same round you will also find PTs for the lines of Progetto Trieste – Pesticide Residues ( pages 17-19), Progetto Trieste – Metals (page 20), Progetto Trieste – Mycotoxins (page 24) and Progetto Trieste – Additives (page 21). Order as many PTs as you want among the ones shipped on the same date: the shipping cost does not change!

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