New matrices for PT for Metals: powdered eggs and legumes

With growing market demand, Test Veritas decided to introduce two new matrices for PTs belonging to the line of Progetto Trieste – Metals: powdered eggs and legumes (chickpeas).

Studies have shown that eggs are capable of accumulating large quantities of metals, e.g. copper, lead, etc. The frequent presence of metals can be attributed to the animal’s exposure to metals through its environment but also through its diet, with the intake of contaminated feed.

Several publications that have come out in the last 20 years show that legumes are also predisposed to the accumulation of heavy metals, especially in the reproductive organs of the leguminous plant.

Metals can be highly toxic in the long term. Their accumulation in the human body can, over time, cause significant harmful effects as they interfere with normal cell metabolism to the point of hindering the proper performance of vital functions.

Regulation (EU) 2023/915 sets maximum levels for lead, cadmium, mercury and arsenic in a wide range of foods. Lead and cadmium levels were recently updated to 2021, mercury levels to 2022 and arsenic levels to 2023.

The presence of metals in food is a real problem, which is why it is essential to keep the alert level high at all times, carrying out the necessary checks as instructed by the authorities. For example, on 11 October 2023, RASFF 2023.6881 (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) was issued by Portuguese customs for the presence of copper above the MRL in eggs from China.


Test Veritas specialises in niche PTs that are difficult to find on the market! In 2024, we decided to expand the offer of Progetto Trieste – Metals by proposing two new matrices derived from market demands: powdered eggs and legumes (chickpeas).

PT SUPERMULTICONTAMINATED for Arsenic/Lead/Cadmium/Nickel/Mercury/Thallium/
Selenium/Copper/Manganese/ Aluminium/Zin
in powdered eggs (E4904)

  • Round of October 2024
  • Deadline for online orders: August 31st 2024
  • Shipping date: October 21st 2024
  • Test Material: powdered eggs, 20g x 1 Test Material, incurred or spiked
  • The sample is ready for the analysis, it does not need reconstitution.
  • PT SUPERMULTICONTAMINATED: Arsenic/Lead/Cadmium/Nickel/Mercury/Thallium/Selenium/
    Copper/Manganese/Aluminium/Zin. ALL THE MOLECULES WILL BE PRESENT!

PT for Cadmium/Lead in legumes (chickpeas) (L4906)

  • Round of October 2024
  • Deadline for online orders: August 31st 2024
  • Shipping date: October 21st 2024
  • Test Material: chickpeas, 50g x 1 Test Material, spiked
  • Analytes: Cadmiumo and Lead. ALL THE MOLECULES WILL BE PRESENT!


With us the convenience doubles! For all PTs belong to Progetto Trieste you can submit 2 sets of results: with a single submission you will receive the evaluation of 2 laboratory technicians or 2 analytical methods directly in the Final Report.

SAVE ON SHIPPING COSTS IN OCTOBER! The PTs for Progetto Trieste – Metals (page 20 of our programme) are scheduled in the round of October 2024. In the same round you will also find PTs for the lines of Progetto Trieste – Pesticide Residues ( pages 17-19), Progetto Trieste – Disinfectant by products (pages 17-19), Progetto Trieste – Metals (page 20), Progetto Trieste – Mycotoxins (page 24) and Progetto Trieste – Additives (page 21). Order as many PTs as you want among the ones shipped on the same date: the shipping cost does not change!

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