The evolution of our PT for Dyes in meat

In 2023, Test Veritas introduced the PT for red dyes in meat into its catalogue for the first time (Round of May 2023).

Following numerous requests from participants and thanks to all all the inputs collected with our survey “Survey on PT for Red Dyes in Food” published in January 2023, our research and development department has developed the new PT for SUDAN and other illegal dyes in meat (cod. M4308), which will take place in the Round of September 2024.

Colour additives are used in food for many reasons, e.g. to compensate for colour loss during processing or storage, to correct natural variations in food colour and to improve the appearance of certain foods to meet consumer demands and expectations. However, some of these substances, such as Sudan dyes, pose a potential risk to human health. Sudan dyes (Sudan I-IV) are a group of azo compounds that have been used to colour hydrocarbon solvents, oils, fats, waxes and floor polishes.

Test Veritas is always open to new ideas and suggestions. Our programme is flexible and one of our greatest advantages is versatility. Do not hesitate to contact us if you do not find the right matrix-analysis combination for your needs, this will allow us to evaluate all future possibilities and if possible we will implement new suggestions or ideas, thus continuing to ensure the best possible service. Our aim has always been to offer PTs that are adapted to our customers’ needs. If you want, you can still let us know your opinion by answering the survey “Survey on PT for red dyes in food”!

PT for the research of SUDAN and other illegal dyes in meat (code M4308)
Round of September 2024

  • Deadline for online orders: July 26th 2024
  • Shipping Date: September 16th 2024
  • Test Material: meat, 80g x 1 sample
  • The sample is ready for the analysis, it does not need reconstitution.
  • Molecules under study: sudan (I, II, III, IV), sudan orange G, sudan red B, sudan red 7B, sudan red G, toluidine red, orange II, rhodamine B, sudan black B, butter yellow, para red
  • Indicative concentrations: < 400 ppb
  • Niche PT: Test Veritas is specialized in niche PTs that are difficult to find on the market!
  • The price is only 290,00€!

With us the convenience doubles! For all PTs belong to Progetto Trieste you can submit 2 sets of results: with a single submission you will receive the evaluation of 2 laboratory technicians or 2 analytical methods directly in the Final Report.

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