1 PT with 2 levels of histamine in very stable test materials & 1 PT for other Biogenic Amines!


  • Convenient participation fee: For histamine we provide 2 Test Materials at different concentration level (High Level and Low Level) with only 1 subscription.
  • With us the convenience doubles! For all the PTs that are part of Progetto Trieste it is possible to submit 2 sets of results: with just one subscription you can receive in the Final Report the evaluation of 2 laboratory technicians, or 2 different techniques. For histamine you will receive 2 different Test Materials, so you will be able to submit up to 4 results!
  • More reliable assigned value due to more stability of Test Materials. Most of them are provided as lyophilized (to be tested after reconstitution). In this way, regardless of the provenience of the laboratory, every participant can be sure to receive the Test Material in the same conditions. Once reconstituted it is the same as in your routine!
  • The Test Materials for Histamine will be incurred, the laboratory must prefer incurred Test Materials instead of spiked ones, because only with naturally contaminated samples the extractive capability of the method can be taken into account. For Biogenic amines too the Tets Material could be incurred.
  • Separate evaluation data for screening and confirmatory methods, with the assigned value deriving only from quantitative confirmatory results. This feature of our PTs respects the requirement of UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 to use fit-for-purpose methods of evaluation, makes the assigned value more reliable and the assessment more valid. Even if you are using a screening method, the PT simulates what you would do in the routine (comparing your results with confirmatory ones). The semi-quantitative (< or >) and qualitative screening results receive evaluations provided with dedicated criteria. The quantitative screening and confirmatory results are evaluated through z-score.

PT for the research of Histamine (2 levels) in tuna (code T4400)

  • 50g x 2 Test Materials corresponding to the 2 different concentrations of histamine
    • 60 ppm < High Level <350 ppm
    • 25 ppm < Low Level <50 ppm
  • The price is only 295,00€ for confirmatory method participation (Chromatographic method), or 235,00€ for screening method participation (i.e. ELISA, lateral flow…).

PT for the research of Biogenic Amines in tuna (code T4401)

  • 50g of Test Material
  • Molecules under studies: cadaverine, putrescine, spermidine, spermine, tyramine.
  • Indicative concentrations for BAI <500ppm.
  • The price is only 365,00€.

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