How to order

To place your online order, you have to use your web account at the PTS MEMBER AREA, in case you don’t have it yet, create it is easy and quick.


  • Go to
  • Click on the top of the page on “PTS MEMBER AREA”.
  • Click on “Subscribe now” and fill the form: you can choose your own Username and Password.
  • Once finished to fill out, click on “SAVE”.

NOW YOU ARE READY for placing your order or preparing your own quotation:

  • Login to the “PTS MEMBER AREA” using your Username and Password.
  • Choose “Place an Order” . There you will access to the on-line order form and see the entire list of available products and services.
  • Select the codes you are interested the most and fill in the form following the instructions on it.
  • If you proceed without transmitting the order, you will have a quotation for the selected codes (you can print the quotation/preview of the order). This quotation will not be registered in your account nor transmitted to us!!
  • TRANSMIT YOUR ORDER if you want to place it.

Once you placed your order, it will be available in your ARCHIVE of orders.