About OUR expertise

Test Veritas s.r.l. is at the side of agri-food laboratories,
supporting their quality control activities.

Our history: more than 20 years of experience


Test Veritas was created to satisfy the increasing international demand for services and products for the conformity assessment in the field of agri-food analysis. Its history begins with the efforts of young and devoted people with years of experience in food diagnostic field.

The proficiency testing Progetto Trieste project starts in 1998, before Test veritas s.r.l. was even born, as a collateral activity of a company specialized in the production of screening analysis kit for food. After 12 years, the activity was so consolidated to allow the institution of the company Test Veritas s.r.l. (in 2010), independent company completely dedicated to services and products for the External and Internal Quality Control, able to complete autonomously in its facility all the operation steps (manufacturing, handling, calibration, testing, storage and dispatch, customer assistance).

Since then, our company has put forward the outline of quality and the attention to the customer’s need. All the activities are carried out by competent staff, made of expert and well-trained people with experience in food and feed contaminants, material preparation and analysis, planning and design, statistics, organization and management of ring and proficiency testing.

For more than 20 years, the proficiency testing scheme “Progetto Trieste” fits with public and private laboratories’ needs. Participants, due to the accurate management of the proficiency, come from several European and Non-European countries. Nowadays, we boast 22 years of experience, laboratories proceeding from 65 Countries that participate to our proficiency testing and 88 proficiency testing planned for 2021!

Accreditation and Certification: first agri-food accredited PTp in Italy!


Test Veritas s.r.l. has been the first proficiency test provider in agri-food field to be accredited UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 in Italy. The first accreditation was in 2015, still today ACCREDIA confirms, following successful completion of the verification activities carried out, the concession to Test Veritas of the Accreditation as a proficiency testing provider for the schemes reported in the Attachment to the Accreditation Certificate; the accreditation certifies that Progetto Trieste meets the requirements of the standard EN ISO/IEC 17043:2010 “Conformity assessment – General requirements for proficiency testing”. The ACCREDIA convention can be viewed on request, while you can find the detail schemes with the scope of accreditation at this page.

Moreover, the quality management system of Test Veritas S.r.l. has been assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of UNI EN 9001:2015 for the activities of development and production for agri-food analyses and proficiency provider. For having a copy of the certificate: click here.

For having a look to our Quality Policy Declaration,  download file: Test Veritas’ Quality Policy Declaration 30 mar 22

Dipped in the world of Research & Science


Test Veritas s.r.l. lives in an active research reality. The headquarter is hosted by the Area Science Park of Trieste, a campus that represents a real ecosystem for companies that develop their business in the Science and Research field.

Research has always been the inner core of our activities. Since we were born, we carried out research project about several main topics,

To us research is the lens to see the world. We believe that it is the optimal starting point to focus on themes that we find interesting, but that can also be useful to customers. We constantly aim to explore, this is our way of thinking.