PT for ochratoxin A in cured ham: take this chance!

Ochratoxin A (OTA) is known for its genotoxic potential in food and is often found in food products. Most foods that are contaminated with OTA are of plant origin, but OTA can also be found in foods of animal origin, particularly in pork products or dairy products.

Contamination of OTA in pork products, such as cured ham, or in dairy products, such as hard cheese, is due to both carry-over effects if the animal was fed with contaminated feed and the development of mold on the surface of the finished product.

Currently, there is still no legal limit for OTA in animal products. However, the margin of exposure (MOE) of less than 10000 for all consumer categories has been introduced by EFSA.

It is important to keep the presence of OTA in food monitored, considering that its consumption comes from different food categories. In particular, it is appropriate to enable the protection of children who are the most sensitive consumers. 

Test Veritas is sensitive to this topic, in fact we began producing reference materials for OTA in tissue (cured ham and liver) in 2015 when organized a research project involving European National Reference Laboratories. To support the laboratories, we introduced for the first time in 2017 the PT for the research of OTA in cured ham. The PT for OTA in tissue returns every three to four years.

In 2023, Test Veritas proposes for the 3rd  time since 2017 the PT for OTA in cured ham: take this chance!

PT for the research of Ochratoxin A in cured ham
(code HC3605)

  • Test Material: cured ham, 1 sample for 40g.
  • Analites: Ochratoxin A
  • Indicative concentration: < 10ppb
  • The Test Material is incurred. 
  • Shipping date: 16th October 2023
  • For this PT, it is possible to submit 2 sets of results for evaluation.
  • The price is only 273,00€ for confirmatory methods and 173,00€ for participation with screening methods.


  • Separate evaluation data for screening and confirmatory methods, with the assigned value deriving only from quantitative confirmatory results.
  • Even if you are evaluating a screening method, the PT simulates what you would do in your routine (comparing your results with the confirmatory ones).
  • The semi-quantitative (< or >) screening results receive evaluations provided with dedicated criteria. The quantitative screening and confirmatory results are evaluated through z-score.
  • More reliable assigned value due to more stability Test Materials. They are provided as lyophilized (to be tested after reconstitution). In this way, regardless of the provenience of the laboratory, every participant can be sure to receive the exact same Test Material as the others. In 2017 the percentage of satisfactory z-scores for OTA in cured ham was 100%!
  • For all the PTs that are part of Progetto Trieste – Mycotoxins it is possible to submit 2 sets of results: with just one subscription you can evaluate 2 laboratory technicians, or 2 different techniques. Both results will be evaluated in the Final Report.
  • Multiannual experience in the production of reference materials for Ochratoxin A in tissues.
  • The incurred Test Material allows to evalute the extraction capability of the used method.

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