Sorbic, citric and benzoic acid in fish: a request from participants

One of the greatest strengths of Test Veritas is the constant effort to collect and assess the feasibility of all requests from participants and local partners.

During the Round of May 2023 – Additives, was held for the first time the PT for the research of citric, benzoic and sorbic acid in tomato sauce. The outcome of the PT was satisfactory and we received many suggestions. One of these was to repeat the same PT but in a fish matrix, which was considered interesting from a market point of view.

In the fish market, in fact, these acids are used to make fish visually fresher, thus facilitating its sale. In particular, citric acid is used as an antioxidant substance, which prolongs the shelf life of fish by protecting them from oxidation, which would otherwise alter the colour of the flesh. It should be specified that most of the substances used to ‘beautify’ fish are not directly harmful to the organism, but help to hide the danger of a food that has already lost its freshness (e.g. high level of histamine in tuna that seems fresh but it’s not).

Our R&D department then set to work to try to meet the needs of the market, developing a PT that is in line with the needs of the participants. You can still help draw the best available PTs for acids in food matrix by answering the short survey:

We are therefore happy to present the new proficiency test for the Additives line:

PT for sorbic, citric and benzoic acid in fish (code SF4307) –
Round of May 2024

  • Deadline for online orders: March 22nd 2024
  • Shipping date: May 13th 2024
  • Test Material: fish, 50g x 1 sample, spiked
  • More reliable assigned value due to more stability of Test Materials. When necessary they are provided as lyophilized (to be tested after reconstitution). In this way, regardless of the provenience of the laboratory, every participant can be sure to receive the Test Material in the same conditions. Once reconstituted it is the same as in your routine!
  • Analytes: sorbic, citric and benzoic acid. All the molecules under study will be present. It is not necessary to search for all the analytes under study, you will only receive the evaluation for the molecules actually searched for.
  • Indicative concentrations: < 200 ppm
  • The price is only 242,00 euro!


  • Flexibility: our proposals are continuosly tailor-made on customers’ needs.
  • Niche PTs: our company is specialized in organizing rare PTs you won’t find anywhere else!
  • With us the convenience doubles! For all the PTs that are part of Progetto Trieste it is possible to submit 2 sets of results: with just one subscription you can receive in the Final Report the evaluation of 2 laboratory technicians, or 2 different techniques.
  • Test Veritas has more that 25 years of experience as PT provider.

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